Campaign on the rights of woman survivors of violence and their children to access support and protection 

Until there´s peace for every woman… because every woman has the right to live free of violence

March 8th, 2017 - Today is International Women’s Day, a day created to give a nod to the struggles which women go through. However, the global acknowledgement of a single day for 50% of the population does not end violence against women. This day does not end the struggle for us. Today, women across the world will be marching in protests of solidarity and striking, although we should be protesting and striking daily, considering that women are murdered and abused on a daily basis.

During these politically volatile times, it has become clear that women are ready to step up and demand that their voices are heard, that the government no longer ignore the need for more shelter spaces and more funding for shelters. Across the world there is a revolution as women begin to no longer politely ask but DEMAND that they are given peace within and without their homes.

Therefore, we announce on this day of international protest that in frame of the WAVE Step Up! Campaign on 21 September 2017, the International Day for Peace, the women of Europe will come together to demand that their governments provide money to women’s shelter infrastructure which provides for their lives to be peaceful. On this day, WAVE members from across Europe will come together to claim their right for a peaceful life without violence. Together with peace organisations and other allies we will stand on the steps of our government buildings and hold hands to show our unification opposing violence against women.

WAVE Step Up 2016


Since the beginning of 2016, the WAVE Office has been conducting several campaign activities at the European level.

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Voting starts today at 12 noon (CET) for the Youth Video Award! Check out the 1st place winners from Austria, Finland, Italy, Portugal and Serbia, then share whichever one is your favorite. The video with the most collected views from January 16th to February 16th wins.


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