Winners of the International Youth Video Award Announced!

Youth Video Award Winners Announced

On 27 February 2017, WAVE celebrated the Step Up! Youth Video Award Ceremony in the European Parliament in Brussels together with the Greens/EFS. Ulrike Lunacek, Vice-President of the European Parliament (The Greens/EFA, Austria) opened the ceremony with a speech, followed by Monika Vana (The Greens/EFA and MEP for Austria), Terry Reintke (The Greens/EFA and the MEP for Germany) and Rosa Logar, WAVE President, who gave a speech about the WAVE Network as well as the Step Up! Campaign.

The pan-European Youth Video Award was created in order to bring more youth involvement to the campaign. Young people (18-25 years old), youth organizations, (film-) schools and media departments of universities were encouraged to participate actively with their original video work. Step Up! Is a European-wide campaign promoting the rights of women survivors of violence and their children to access support and protection led by Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE Network) and encompassing 46 countries. This Campaign aims to step up efforts in Europe to stop violence against women, raise awareness of the problem, and protect survivors through activities which target different stakeholders and decision-makers. Six countries took part in the Video Awards: Austria, Italy, Finland, Macedonia, Portugal and Serbia.

The official jury-selected Step Up! Youth Video Award winner is "Porta Mi Via" by Italy’s Luciana Trulio, while the Audience Award Winner (with the most accumulated YouTube views within a one-month period) is "Atitude em movimento" by Portugal’s Joana do Mar Ferreira Machado. The Portuguese video was the clear winner of the Audience Participation Award with almost 6,000 views accumulated within one month.

The Step-Up! Campaign is sponsored by Plus 1, an organisation which works with artists to raise funds and use our collective voice to bring attention to organizations addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges.


Winner of the European Youth Video Award

“Porta Mi Via” by Luciana Trulio of Italy











Winner of the Audience Award

“Atitude em movimento” by Joana do Mar Ferreira Machado of Portugal