Campaign on the rights of woman survivors of violence and their children to access support and protection 

25 May 2016 - Public Launch of the Campaign Lithuania

Women's HouseOn 25 May 2016, with the support of UN Women Orange Day, Vilnius Women’s House created a Facebook event calling for society to celebrate the launch of the Step Up! Campaign by meeting in Vinco Kudirkos aikštė in Vilnius. Vilnius Women’s House created posters, which are also downloadable pdfs, with key messages supporting the Step Up! Campaign, declaring why the campaign is so important and what they want to Step Up for.

Civil society and organizations shared these key messages in photos, which include the importance of: ratifying the Istanbul Convention, ensuring women’s rights including the right to live free from violence, strengthening specialist women’s support services, improving and increasing access to services, and training police to better respond to situations of violence against women. However, the most important key message is to ratify the Istanbul Convention, as all the other principles and standards are outlined already in the Convention. All the photos shared by the public can be seen on the Facebook profile of Vilnius Women’s House.

The posters can be downloaded from their website