Campaign on the rights of woman survivors of violence and their children to access support and protection 

Written by Kelly Blank

WAVE Training Institute Plans Activities for Step Up! 2017

Included in WAVE’s work to improve service provision and ensure that women receive the kind of human rights-based support they require to resume a life free from violence, the WAVE Training Institute aims at uniting and strengthening the capacity of experts working in women’s support services, establishing common quality standards for the support of survivors of violence and their children in Europe, and creating synergies between professionals working in the field.

The WAVE Training Institute 2016 titled “Preparing the Step Up! Campaign for 2017” took place from 12-14 December in Vienna, Austria. This Training Institute gave the opportunity for 22 experts from women’s organizations in EU Member States (17) and countries outside the EU (five), including participants from the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM). This three-day event focused on preparing activities of the WAVE Step Up! Campaign for its final year. Thanks to the two facilitators Elina Nikulainen from Women’s Line Finland and Alice Moore from Women’s Aid England, participants managed to finalize the planning of four exciting new activities for next year – two on the national level and two on the European level.

 The Step Up! Campaign in 2017 will focus on the following:

  • uniting all European countries by lobbying governments through organized national public demonstrations;
  • engaging youth through a photography competition to improve awareness of the existence of specialist women’s support services in their local area;
  • establish an expert group of economists to focus on the issue of violence against women in Europe, calculating the differences regionally in terms of the cost of violence against women and funding for specialist support services;
  • continuing the partnership between PICUM and WAVE to ensure access for undocumented migrant women to specialist women’s support services, including for individuals and organizations to Pledge support of the idea that women’s rights are human rights and rights should not be attached to status!